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Which platform will the app be built on?

  •    Android
  •    IOS
  •    Windows
  •    Hybrid(Cross platform using HTML5)


What would your UI theme be?

  •    Stock or Template UI
  •    Custom Branded UI
  •    Animated Ui
  •    Game Animations

How many approximate number of screens will your app have?

  •    1-6
  •    7-12
  •    13-20
  •    21+


How will your users sign up and login into the app?

  •    Email ID and Password
  •    Via Social Networks (Facebook, Linkdin, Twitter etc)
  •    Using 2 Step Authorization (Required for financial apps)
  •    No Sign Up Required

How do you wish to secure your app?

  •    Security Not Important (For Initial MVP versions)
  •    Basic Security Measures
  •    Encrypted Communication (SSL etc)
  •    Complete Protection (Protection against XSS & SQL Injection)


Which 3rd party services do you need to integrate with?

  •    Social Networks (Facebook, Linkdin, Twitter etc)
  •    Location (Google Maps)
  •    Media (Youtube, Video etc)
  •    eCommerce (Payments, Bi, Salesforce etc)

Where do you want to save your application data?

  •    A new database (mySQL, MongoDB etc)
  •    An Existing Database
  •    Cloud Database (Fit for simpler MVPs)
  •    i'm not sure

Admin & Other Features

Which administration features do you need?

  •    User Management (Manage users roles & permissions)
  •    Content Management (Edit data from dynamic admin panel)
  •    Reporting and Analytics
  •    Notification Control

Which other features will you have in your app?

  •    Activity feeds or user walls (Facebook)
  •    In-app purchases (Economist, Angry Birds)
  •    Shopping Cart
  •    Search (Amazon)
  •    Referral system (Uber)
  •    Chatting (WhatSapp)
  •    Rating & reviews (Yelp)
  •    Integration (Marketing automation, CRM)

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